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Genius Hmongst us

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I was watching Grand Torino tonight with my husband.  The movie where Clint Eastwood battles the Hmong gangstas and I had a flashback  to last week’s algebra class.  The county where I live has a heavy Asian population and after I heard this exchange I learned that even Asians can have a hard time differentiating […]

In Memoriam

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We replaced our American flag tonight with a new one since the last one had grown shaggy from a late winter storm. We’d never had a flag before September 11, 2001. Due to the rush on flags and emotion and profound need to display patriotism in such a simple way following the attack on America, […]

My Olympic Post

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We were invited to a private showing of Let It Out, a short film about the Olympic spirit.  We were running late so I didn’t get a chance to survey the audience but I know a friend of Muhammad Ali was there (he was a featured interview) and I’m guessing Al Joyner was too by […]