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If you have to brag…

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My husband and I were at the Apple store today to drop off my Macbook for repair.  I think they will be replacing my case because it is crooked.  Of course that is probably my fault (it totally is) but they repaired it and it’s off again so now it’s officially a Problem and is […]

Have I told you I love you?

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The first time I ever heard my husband say I love you was in the Jaguar limo on the way to our hotel following our wedding ceremony.  He took my face in his hands and he asked, “Have I told you I love you?”  Considering our parents had just spent several thousand dollars hoping this […]

Money is tight.

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My husband confessed today that money is tight and he is stressed.  He rarely reacts emotionally to anything, so for him to say he is stressed is pretty damned serious.  So I was trying to make consolations… Me: Maybe we’re not destined to be rich and we should stop trying to get rich? Him: I […]