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Call the FBI*

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I realize when I wrote about there being yet another plan to get me out of the community college and into a Psychology and Social Behavior degree, bypassing nursing altogether, I neglected to mention I am enrolled in a class for that degree plan.  Technically it has no prerequisites other than the general ed required […]

Genius Hmongst us

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I was watching Grand Torino tonight with my husband.  The movie where Clint Eastwood battles the Hmong gangstas and I had a flashback  to last week’s algebra class.  The county where I live has a heavy Asian population and after I heard this exchange I learned that even Asians can have a hard time differentiating […]

Good news, bad news

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The good news is the last two biopsies removed were nothing but ugly moles, not cancer. But since they didn’t remove all of the ugliness (only enough to biopsy), I need to get the rest of them removed. Blarg.  They need to invent a way to detect cancer without cutting things off bodies and screwing […]