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Putting the brakes on.

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I’ve been on a tear since graduating from direct-entry midwifery school to get into nursing school so I could get into a grad program and rule the world become a nurse-midwife.  This meant I had to redo a lot of classes in community college I’d already done for the vocational college.  So since August, 2006 […]

My Olympic Post

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We were invited to a private showing of Let It Out, a short film about the Olympic spirit.  We were running late so I didn’t get a chance to survey the audience but I know a friend of Muhammad Ali was there (he was a featured interview) and I’m guessing Al Joyner was too by […]


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I’m laying here in bed, enjoying the cool summer evening listening to the crickets chirp… and my family rip farts in their sleep one by one. Rip! Rrrrrrrip. RIP! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Riiiiiiiiipppppppp! Ah, is this the life or what?  I can hardly breathe.