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The Canonization of Mother Mary Mom

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Last night my mom and a random off-duty firefighting Samaritan who stopped when he saw smoke, pulled two kids (a toddler, a preschooler, and a Doberman!) out of the neighbor’s fully involved house fire.  Their mother was at the grocery and their father is a quadriplegic who had fallen out of his wheelchair in panic […]

A Day with Mom

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I’m up visiting my mom and we’re doing the sort of things mothers and daughters do together:  Shopping, trying on shoes, getting iced cold Frappucinos or chais.  She’s reading a book and I’m on my hands and knees grouting her bathroom floors.  What more can a girl want? I’d tell you more about what we […]

Sweet Charity

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The last entry was written from Mother Mary Mom’s house.  She’s living in the house her parents built more than 20 years ago and is preparing to sell it and move east.  My grandparents died in 2004 and 2007, having lived full lives surrounded by all their stuff.  Oh the stuff!  All of what remained […]