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Posting from a Land Far, Far Away

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I’m at my mom’s this weekend helping her patch things up (literally and figuratively) at my grandparents’ house so she can move on to the Left Coast and live somewhat happily ever after.  We’re finding all kinds of relics, including a picture of dove hovering over the bleeding heart of Jesus painted on silk. It […]

Everyone direct your woo-woo thataway

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My poor sisters (who share a condo) drove up to meet my family at Mother Mary Mom’s yesterday for the Easter feast (which was quite lovely and lively).  While we were being all Eastery and festive, the pipe in their upstairs bathroom decided to get its bad self on and bust (sometime after 12:30pm).  Of […]

Frustrating family day.

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My son’s birthday is on Sunday and since he was off school today I took all of the kids to the amusement park where we have a yearly pass. On Monday of this week I invited one of my son’s friends from school to come with us and even the group out as a treat […]