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Googling for Pregnancy

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I just Googled “positive pregnancy test” and don’t get this blog in any of the entries on the first 7 pages of web or blog results.  How I am being found for that ONE entry of my misreading and subsequent personal freak-out is beyond me.  Again Smart People of the Internets, if you need to […]

Didn’t want anyone to miss this one!

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Guest comment from “K”, regarding this oft-misunderstood and anger-inspiring post, “Surprise!“: You really need to take this down or edit it. As many have said, this comes up right away when you google positive pregnancy tests. I knew it was negative right away but my sister didn’t and freaked out. You really expect people to […]


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It never ceases to amaze me how people take a pregnancy test and instead of reading the directions, they come here and read this almost four year old post called Surprise!, then freak out because I am giving “bad advice” and tricked them into thinking they were pregnant.  If my post is among the first […]