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I love idiots.

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Especially the ones who keep commenting on this old post… Surprise! Without you I might not get to count on at least one laugh a month!

Genius Hmongst us

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I was watching Grand Torino tonight with my husband.  The movie where Clint Eastwood battles the Hmong gangstas and I had a flashback  to last week’s algebra class.  The county where I live has a heavy Asian population and after I heard this exchange I learned that even Asians can have a hard time differentiating […]

Out of the mouths of babes

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Where we live there is a chain of sporting goods stores called Chick’s.  Where we used to live there was a sporting good stores called Dick’s.  Recently Dick’s bought out Chick’s… let’s hear it for Chick’s with Dick’s! Anyway. Today just before I went into Petsmart and got suckered into a 20 gallon starter aquarium, […]