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Everyone direct your woo-woo thataway

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My poor sisters (who share a condo) drove up to meet my family at Mother Mary Mom’s yesterday for the Easter feast (which was quite lovely and lively).  While we were being all Eastery and festive, the pipe in their upstairs bathroom decided to get its bad self on and bust (sometime after 12:30pm).  Of […]

I’m totally going to hurl.

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Last night in microbiology we “played” with E. coli. Our instructor was teaching us how to take a sample of E. coli from a tube and slather it in an agar plate to grow more. I swear I was careful about what I did with my hands after that, not touching my face, putting my […]

I can’t believe I just did this.  I have never taken an online class before so I’m a little nervous about screwing it up.  I planned to ace Developmental Psychology since there are no assignments in this class.  Just read and take tests.  Seems easy enough.  We were even given a syllabus quiz to warm […]