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Speaking in Code

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Taking an extended visit to the bathroom in our house is referred to as going to the library.  This was inspired by my husband who would take some reading with him to pass the time and end up hanging out longer to make sure he finished the story.  Just a few minutes ago I excused […]

Kitty Porn

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Spotted on the Starbucks bulletin board: I think when this cat is spotted in the neighborhood it is not going respond to calls of “Toby! Heeeeere Toby! Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” Instead you might be minding your own business raking leaves in the yard or getting the mail or bringing in the groceries when you […]

Aveda Saleswoman of the Year

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I am an Aveda fan. I was first introduced to the line by my current hair stylist who stocked her shop with their products and color mixes. She is one of the last salons in the area to have a contract with them that doesn’t require exclusivity as an AVEDA SALON so she sells and […]