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I thought growing up in a Los Angeles suburb as the daughter of a city cop and with job experiences working downtown and at LAX I had some “worldly” experience (I’m not going to italicize that because I want you to do air quotes while you read it).  After spending all morning between three colleges, […]

I always say this…

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…but I haven’t given up on the blog.  I’ve just become this insane text message, Facebook, and Blackberry addict who has little time for anything else except work, family, and social networking. When last you read my inane ramblings, I was prepped to start two psychology classes, a physical geography class, and begging my way […]

Call the FBI*

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I realize when I wrote about there being yet another plan to get me out of the community college and into a Psychology and Social Behavior degree, bypassing nursing altogether, I neglected to mention I am enrolled in a class for that degree plan.  Technically it has no prerequisites other than the general ed required […]