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I went to the second day of the last stats class I had a chance of getting into and was rejected once again.  They chose about 30 students and 60 were hoping to get in.  It was REALLY hard not to cry on the spot, so I cried on the way to my car instead.  […]

Fall ’09

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I would like return to this blog by stating that I have finally finished the mandatory algebra requirements for community college!  It took going through the Spring semester, extending it into the Summer term with a great teacher who took mercy on my inability to master the concepts of logarithms and exponential somethings or other.  […]

The wheel keeps on turning…

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My oldest daughter was promoted from 8th grade to high school this past week.  I have no idea how that happened.  Just the other day she was screaming bloody murder on my chest when she was having the nightly screamies as a newborn.  She earned a medal for having between a 3.8 and 4.0 GPA.  […]