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Genius Hmongst us

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I was watching Grand Torino tonight with my husband.  The movie where Clint Eastwood battles the Hmong gangstas and I had a flashback  to last week’s algebra class.  The county where I live has a heavy Asian population and after I heard this exchange I learned that even Asians can have a hard time differentiating […]

I meant to get to that post

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… the one about nursing orientation but actual school got in the way.  I’m currently finishing up the semester of Hatha Yoga and Intermediate Algebra.  Yoga is fine, nothing spectacular and for the last two classes I’ve been sitting out in favor of not splitting open the sutures on my hip, scapula, and chest.  Intermediate […]

I pulled it off!

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Somehow in spite of never taking a physics test and failing out of my high school chemistry class I managed to survive the test of essential academic skills (TEAS) today.  I ran out of time on the math portion, guessed through most of the sciences, and somehow scored an 82.9% overall. I’m going to take […]