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I am taking this SUPER IMPORTANT admissions assessment exam today at a school I’ve never attended yet one with which I have a student identification number.  The invitation to test instructs me to call the admissions office to verify my student number is still active so they can create my nursing school profile from it.  […]


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Tomorrow I have to take the “assessment test” to get into nursing school and I’m a tad freaked over it. It’s supposed to be general education, some of which I have no general recollection of being educated about any time since 3rd grade. Physics is not a course of study required by this entry-level degree, […]

Good news, bad news

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The good news is the last two biopsies removed were nothing but ugly moles, not cancer. But since they didn’t remove all of the ugliness (only enough to biopsy), I need to get the rest of them removed. Blarg.  They need to invent a way to detect cancer without cutting things off bodies and screwing […]