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False alarm…

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I guess I parked other domains of mine and didn’t do this one so I guess I’m still here. In other news I just scrolled back and saw that I started this blog six years ago. I’m not as prolific as I once was and thought I’d be. I’ve changed tons… in both good and […]

15 days

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I’m 15 days out from the end of my first year of nursing school.  It can’t happen fast enough.  I am finally enjoying a lovely lab group.  We all get along really well in any combination of teams or groups.  Such a refreshing change from the previous two quarters (and summer school) with a group […]

I hate it when…

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… I’ve been gone so long half my blogroll has packed up and moved on.  At this point all I get hits for are the Pinkeye Post and the Pregnancy Post, the latter of which generates much emotion.  I am surprised at how many women (like me) rip open the test box, toss the instructions, […]