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The time change sucks

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I hate this time of year.  I hate turning the clocks back, hate the way the sun looks in the afternoon sky.  Hate the cold, hate the dry.  Blech.  Tonight I’m tired from a day of running around (post in draft stage) and my arms hurt from getting the flu shots.  I’ve been dreaming of […]

Fall ’09

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I would like return to this blog by stating that I have finally finished the mandatory algebra requirements for community college!  It took going through the Spring semester, extending it into the Summer term with a great teacher who took mercy on my inability to master the concepts of logarithms and exponential somethings or other.  […]

Those pesky neighbors

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I slept away most of the evening and into the night in a near comatose state.  I woke briefly at 2:00 am to the stylings of Cold Play blasting out into the breezeway that passes between my condo building and the one the new neighbors live in right into my bedroom.  I laid there and […]