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So I was thinking. There I go again!

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I’ve been considering totally changing my educational pathway now that I am finished with the prerequisites for the minimum nursing degree and on waiting lists everywhere. I could be waiting for a couple of years and while I am I’ve been thinking of a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I’m good at arguing, good […]

Shock and no awe

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Just about everyone that I used to hang out with during those delicate, formative years is now on Facebook.  We are having a crazy, riotous time daily chatting, laughing, and driving each other nuts with tales from the past and plans for the future.  There was one guy from our group missing and no one […]

Hmm, a post a day? Is that all?

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Wow, 8 days into NaBloPoMo and I bailed!  I swear that Facebook is the Devil and at some point in a drunken stupor I sold my soul to it.  I was doing so well with my moderate addiction until my attention was drawn to an application called myfarm.  And now all I can do is […]