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My mother-in-law listed her house today. The last few houses in her neighborhood sold within three weeks for outrageous prices. She purchased her 1 bedroom condo with a horrible layout in ’96 or ’97 for less than $100,000. It appraises for some psycho amount of $400,000. So she is getting ready to pack herself, her […]

Then why am I surprised?

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I know my brother-in-law. Know him. Years ago when Daughter #1 was a baby, I went for a visit to the Land of Milk and Honey (from the Land of Enchantment) for her belated baby shower and extended family debut. I took a Graco pack-n-play with me so she’d have a nap place, but on […]

My in-laws. I suppose I have to choose my words carefully because one day my Brother-In-Law will realize the DSL he has on his computer can access things such as … oh… the internet. He may even realize this blog is in his cache history thanks to my husband surfing my blog from his house. […]