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Back by popular demand: My brother-in-law!

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I have still not spoken to the man since leaving the Front Range behind. I said goodbye to him as a courtesy– and to give him a key to the house so he could take care of my dog for two weeks– and literally hit the road last June. My husband has rarely spoken to […]

When you blow it, you blow it!

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I survived the other night, woo hoo! Even with killer shoes that tried to kill me in return, I had a great time.  Since I missed a day with NaBloPoMo it seems like it’s going to happen a lot more, hence the blow it title. Anyhoo, I enjoyed a day off call even though I […]

It’s Saturday and although I’ve been here a few days I’m still feeling out of place, like I’m on vacation. It’s easy to feel this way when my washer, dryer, fridge, and a lot of other large necessities are still at my old house. Including the dog, who I left in the care of my […]