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Change of focus?

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This used to be the all about how to get to midwifery blog, then it was all about school, now I think it’s all about how much of an ass my brother-in-law is. My girls were just over playing with his neighbors, their friends. The visit was cut short because he came with the nephew […]

I’m bringing snarky back.

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My oldest two went to the neighbor’s house to play with their girls. The neighbors who live across the street from my brother-in-law. The oldest (#1) came back with the two oldest girls from that family. I asked where my other daughter (#2) was and was told, “At *****’s.” What? Oh no, go tell her […]

Wow, that was amazing. My kids made it through the service without spontaneously combusting. Things that broke up the time: Music. Lots of it. Candles to wave around while one of the songs lasted like 10 minutes. More music. Many trips to the bathroom and/or drinking fountain. Scanning the crowd to pick out people we […]