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Evil. Mean. Hateful.

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My sister-in-law, married to the arsehole of a brother-in-law also happens to be the Godmother of three of my children. Tonight is the Easter Vigil and celebration of two years since they were baptized. My mother-in-law is visiting for Easter weekend and is obviously sad to have heard what happened between my son and brother-in-law. […]

I got 20 points for breathing.

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I went to my algebra class today prepared for a chapter quiz and was suprosed by a daily quiz too. They are daily, but not necessarily daily. I did fine on both of them (she gives us the answers as soon as she collects them). She went on with the lesson and then gave us […]

This just in: Babies Cry

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I called to check in with my husband and we blathered on about nothing in particular when he interrupted– Get this: My brother called in the middle of the night to tell my mom the baby was crying. Hello? The baby was just cracking 72 hours old when the call came in that he couldn’t […]