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Just a day after telling the story about my son narrowly escaping a serious punishment for mistaken identity, I can safely report that the child who inspired the remake of The Omen is back. A while back he suckered me into buying some rad skater shoes (glorified Vans high tops) with his sweetness. He’s yet […]

More proof I am Mother of the Year

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Before I picked up my kids from school I dashed into a boutique to see if there was something I could buy to wear for a night out.  While in the boutique my phone rings, interrupting my self-pity over having fat arms that don’t fit into any of the shirts I’ve picked or the sudden […]

Running out of steam

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I figure I should write something. Last summer I was too busy to write on account of all the time spent laying on the beach and eating $1 tacos with my family.  This summer doesn’t exist.  I went to school in January and with the exception of a two week break in May, I haven’t […]