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Just one more question before I go to bed…

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Son yelling from his room:  Mooooooooooom? Me yelling from mine:  What? Son:  Mooooooooooom! Me:  What?! Son:  How do whales have babies? Me:  (Silent.) Son:  Mom?  How do whales have babies? Me:  I don’t have enough time to explain.  Ask me in the morning. Son:  Okay!

A great morning so far…

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I dropped off the elementary school kids this morning without incident.  This isn’t always the case, so to get the three of them out of the car with a cake shaped like the Great State of Montana was a dream.  Off to the middle school.  When my daughter got out the car and set about […]

Speaking in Code

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Taking an extended visit to the bathroom in our house is referred to as going to the library.  This was inspired by my husband who would take some reading with him to pass the time and end up hanging out longer to make sure he finished the story.  Just a few minutes ago I excused […]