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Reader Award

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My first grader got a Reader Award today.  She read it to me as I was driving them home from school today: We hereby present this award in recockeygogoton of your outstanding acheevomoot in becoming an Axelororoo Reader today. I’m thinking she still has some improvements.

Today on the way to College A to turn in my request for tuition status to be changed I was talking to my friend who went to the same school. She alerted me to the possibility of going to College C, which threw me for a loop. Luckily it was ruled out quickly when none […]

Blog 365

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The NaBloPoMo folks have lost it: Blog 365. Join if you are a nutjob like me. I can feel a good year of posts coming on especially since I have registered for microbiology, gerontology, and human development (basic birth to whatever age they decide in texts that we are geronts). I have a counseling appointment […]