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Little Sh*t 101

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There are five kids in my house now. They each take turns at being the Honcho, choosing a Trusty Sidekick then systematically alienating the Other Three. This game requires the Other Three must run screaming and crying to me every 15 minutes or so to knock the Honcho down a peg and choose his or […]

Easier than Riding a Bike

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C, my four and half year old, is teaching herself how to ride a two-wheeler. We’re not allowed to help her because that will only piss her off. I can’t imagine who comes to mind with that statement. Watching her reminds me of when I was about eight and my little sisters were about the […]

Frectis: It’s Not Just for Dinner.

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Why Frectis?  It came to my son that brunch wasn’t quite descriptive enough for the meal he wanted between breakfast and lunch.  Since he couldn’t rename brunch and since he has a short attention span and since there’s no such thing as “linner” or “dunch”, he obviously had to come up with a reasonable word.  […]