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It’s been real…

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I’m outta here at the end of the month. Until then please continue torturing yourselves with pregnancy tests and Google searches that lead you here so you can get irritated I don’t know the answers to your questions either.

5 Years

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Today marks the five year anniversary of my friend’s death six weeks after having her baby.  It’s crazy to think she has 10- and  5- year old daughters and is not here to see them grow up.  I’m sure her older daughter’s heart aches for her mom and the little one has no idea what […]

Out of the mouths of babes

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Where we live there is a chain of sporting goods stores called Chick’s.  Where we used to live there was a sporting good stores called Dick’s.  Recently Dick’s bought out Chick’s… let’s hear it for Chick’s with Dick’s! Anyway. Today just before I went into Petsmart and got suckered into a 20 gallon starter aquarium, […]