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We were invited to a private showing of Let It Out, a short film about the Olympic spirit.  We were running late so I didn’t get a chance to survey the audience but I know a friend of Muhammad Ali was there (he was a featured interview) and I’m guessing Al Joyner was too by […]

Much better.

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Yesterday the Apple Store called and left a message:  “Hi!  We need to talk with you regarding your Macbook.  Please call at your earliest convenience.”  So I called back expecting them to say it wasn’t done or needed to be sent out again.  Instead they informed me that my screen wasn’t fixed as expected and […]

A girl can dream and ask about it, right? I went to Costco with my family a few days ago and saw this futon thingie.  By ratcheting up the back it was a couch or it could lay flat.  By ratcheting up the side, it was like a chaise.  And it had one of those […]