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Stepford Macbook

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My baby is back.  I am so spoiled by the Macbook and I wish every hardcore PC user would buy a clue (and a Macbook) and enjoy the good life. Since it was sent out for screen issues, that is what I inspected in the store.  The clusters of black and white pixels are no […]

Have I told you I love you?

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The first time I ever heard my husband say I love you was in the Jaguar limo on the way to our hotel following our wedding ceremony.  He took my face in his hands and he asked, “Have I told you I love you?”  Considering our parents had just spent several thousand dollars hoping this […]

Money is tight.

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My husband confessed today that money is tight and he is stressed.  He rarely reacts emotionally to anything, so for him to say he is stressed is pretty damned serious.  So I was trying to make consolations… Me: Maybe we’re not destined to be rich and we should stop trying to get rich? Him: I […]