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Today was the last day of English Literature/Critical Thinking.  THANK GOD.  It was not hard in the least but the amount of time required to read and write really sucked the life out of me.  Today’s final was a writing exam on 1 of 4 topics associated with Othello.  I picked a discussion on the […]


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I’m laying here in bed, enjoying the cool summer evening listening to the crickets chirp… and my family rip farts in their sleep one by one. Rip! Rrrrrrrip. RIP! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Riiiiiiiiipppppppp! Ah, is this the life or what?  I can hardly breathe.

Running out of steam

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I figure I should write something. Last summer I was too busy to write on account of all the time spent laying on the beach and eating $1 tacos with my family.  This summer doesn’t exist.  I went to school in January and with the exception of a two week break in May, I haven’t […]