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He’s baaaaaack.

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TGWHMD.  I talked about his guy here and here.  I seem to see him in my dreams only when I’m stressed out.  Right now there is no money in my bank account, so I’m pretty stressed out. I had this dream that was so real it didn’t seem to matter that I woke up in […]

The Bridge to Nowhere

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Last night I had a horrible dream.  Once I was in the middle of it I realized it was another recurring dream.  The one where I’m in some sort of vehicle trying to get across a bridge that is not in tip-top shape.  Other times when I’ve had this dream I’ve been alone and I […]

George Clooney? Seriously.

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Last night’s dream was starring my best friend (never seen her before) who was George Clooney’s It Girl.  George was everywhere.  I couldn’t get rid of the guy.  Sneaking in our pad at all hours of the night but was always in or out before the sun came up and the paparazzi were on his […]