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Before I went to bed I watched a few snippets of YouTube videos about Blue Whales.  I wanted to read more about them since there were several spotted within 3 miles of the coast by dolphin watching expeditions.  This was really stupid of me given my history of Shamuphobia.  Given how big these suckers are, […]

Saturday, an apt title

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I’ve just printed out the 4 study guides for my Music History/Appreciation class quizzes that I must take.  I promised to do them while my husband and kids are out getting fried in the sun.  Instead I am enjoying a rare glass of milk with a package of chocolate covered peanuts and pretzel twists.  It […]

I’m not worthy.

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I had a gymnastics dream last night.  I think this has to do with the fact last night was also the first day of a summer school public speaking class I am taking.  For the next month I am competing against the clock, and being judged on my appearance, execution, and presentation. In my dream […]