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Dear My REMS: Please let me sleep.

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Do you ever have those dreams where you’re not in it, but watching yourself in it? Last night I’m watching this dream of myself rushing around in a frenzy trying to get to the hospital. Someone in my family is having a baby and it’s an emergency. I’ve got my toddler son in my arms […]

Ew. Shiver.

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I had one of those creepy dreams of mine last night.  I was with my husband and it was Halloween or something.  We weren’t dressed for the occasion but planned to go to some parties in my home town.  One of them was being held in the seminary house that was originally built by the […]

Must be all the talk about a merger.

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In another life I worked at an airline as a phone sales agent. I answered the phone when you wanted to buy a ticket or steal a ticket (buying it with someone else’s card).  I was patient when you were shopping fares between East Jabip and Poughkeepsie “for any time between April seventh and October […]