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In my dream last night I was following my boyfriend as we rushed from place to place in order to make it into the theater in time for the movie to start. We found a place to sit on the floor on a bunch of pillows where we snuggled, cuddled, and smooched a bit… when […]

Target and the Dream Interpretation

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Target and the Dream Interpretation sounds like some upcoming musical. Anyway, I went to Target for a package of Sharpies to write out some flash cards. I came out with:   a white bra a brown bra 2 white and 2 pink piggie banks from the $1 section a Coke Notice how Sharpies aren’t on […]

Calling all dream interpreters: WTF was THAT?

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The dream: My phone rings me out of sleep and its a midwife I know but haven’t seen or worked with since I left the job.  She is telling me there is a woman in labor and she wants me to come help her with it.  I remind her I don’t work there anymore and […]