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Dear Uterus…

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Is it necessary to drag my face through menstruation every month?  Bleed every 21 days.  Bleed heavily every 21 days.  Go ahead.  I’m used to it.  I buy the multi-size packs now to accommodate the ebb and flow (bada bing!).  I can deal.  What does my FACE have to do with it?  Why does my […]

Dear Mrs. Kravitz,

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In response to your complaint on the Yahoo Group that your new neighbor has a noisy kid and the other neighbors allow their kids outside in the streets of this private community, may I suggest since you are a renter you consider an adults-only community where you can enjoy the noiseless, yet active lifestyle? It […]

Rawr. Pfft.

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My husband’s coworker (CW) has picked up where my brother-in-law left off.  So all of you craving for a little serving of jack-ass on a platter, here we go. CW (almost 50) hooked up with Honey (about 30) from Eastern Europe who has a daughter about 7 years old.  Honey’s been married twice; once because […]