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I bought a very cool black lightweight knit zip-up hoodie with 3/4 length sleeves (picture it?), the type you can wear in the blazing sun and not sweat because it’s sheer, from a local boutique the other day.  The kind of boutique that caters to women who only eat crackers and fancy themselves 14 years […]

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I was talking with my husband about yesterday’s caper with the kid.  I didn’t ask about every detail of the phone calls he had with Matthew’s mom before the amusement park because it wasn’t something that seemed too difficult.  Anyway, get this:  Matthew’s mom said that my taking him around the park would be good […]


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People. Why do I choke on tests? I was sailing along when I get a question like this I lifted from the ‘net: A patient who weighs 28 lbs requires an IV infusion at an ordered infusion rate of 17 mcg/kg/min. The IV bag contains 250 mg of Aminophyline in 500 mL of D5W. The […]