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False alarm…

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I guess I parked other domains of mine and didn’t do this one so I guess I’m still here. In other news I just scrolled back and saw that I started this blog six years ago. I’m not as prolific as I once was and thought I’d be. I’ve changed tons… in both good and […]

Week 2

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We opened the semester with a math test. Turns out that we needed to pass the test in order to pass meds to patients this week. Makes sense… if we had jacked up our test we have no business calculating the pills that will go into a patient. The next two days are in the […]

Week 1

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The first week of nursing school was pretty low-key.  On the first day, I arrived early for a meeting with the Orientation Club.  I was selected along with several other students to see a small group of incoming students through their first semester of school.  The hope is that if we can form small communities […]