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A bit on my first assignment

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Our first clinical assignment in nursing school was to spend a month in a long-term care facility (not a nursing home).  I’m sure the ideas behind this were… Orient students to patient care Care for patients not acutely ill, therefore unlikely to accidentally kill Get used to touching people Learn what C. diff smells like […]

The first day of nursing school

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The school I go to was my last choice based on distance from home and location, but it was the only one I was selected for based on a random lottery.  In this era of slim pickings, I couldn’t afford to decline and hope something else came along.  It turns out that for a school […]

Inching closer…

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All my vaccines and titres are complete.  All my paperwork is in, background check complete.  I am happy to know that no crimes have been reported under my identity by either myself or an imposter.  Picked up my name tag for school, which proclaims me a 1st year nursing school student.  I’ve got a lot […]