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Pin cushion

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Monday I had a physical for nursing school.  My vitals were good.  Heart, lungs, and belly sounds good.  No tumors noted (phew!).  Eyesight 20/20.  Then came the part where you perform for the nurse practitioner.  She observed my gait to make sure I could walk.  Then she asked me to bend over and reach for […]

I didn’t get to sleep at all

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Last night I tossed and turned, stressing about how I was going to get everything the nursing program wants me to have by the deadline they don’t want it on that is mandatory that I don’t miss.  Or get kicked out of school. In my state of insomnia I sifted through all my school files […]

Nursing School Orientation

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When I went to the mandatory nursing school orientation back in May as an alternate, I sat praying that some fool would forget to show up and lose his or her spot in the Fall class so that I might get in.  Only two fools did so and I was back in limbo until the […]