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I always say this…

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…but I haven’t given up on the blog.  I’ve just become this insane text message, Facebook, and Blackberry addict who has little time for anything else except work, family, and social networking. When last you read my inane ramblings, I was prepped to start two psychology classes, a physical geography class, and begging my way […]

Fall ’09

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I would like return to this blog by stating that I have finally finished the mandatory algebra requirements for community college!  It took going through the Spring semester, extending it into the Summer term with a great teacher who took mercy on my inability to master the concepts of logarithms and exponential somethings or other.  […]

Saving up for a good one

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I’m working on the review of my nursing school orientation.  I just need to get someting published so I don’t lose my BlogHerAds rights.  Suffice it to say that they let a lot of dumb people into school and those dumb people will some day be doing the counts on your chest compressions or giving […]