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Wow, that was amazing. My kids made it through the service without spontaneously combusting. Things that broke up the time: Music. Lots of it. Candles to wave around while one of the songs lasted like 10 minutes. More music. Many trips to the bathroom and/or drinking fountain. Scanning the crowd to pick out people we […]

Warning: Disjointed religious post ahead.

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I am pretty sure that religion is made for adults and that’s too bad because I just discovered it and missed out on a lot of intersting learning through the years. Anyway I took my kids to Holy Thursday services (“the Last Supper”) and Good Friday services and with the Masses lasting 2 hours minimum […]

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My husband husband left with my mom this morning after a week long visit to return to the Land of Milk and Honey. My friend said when he left that I could be up for some interesting emotions and feelings. The first month (January) was horrible sadness and being in survival mode. February was a […]