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Wednesday, ash-less

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All the talk about Mardi Gras reminded me that it all ends on Fat Tuesday. Except it didn’t remind me at all. I did gloriously NOTHING all day today with the youngest child at home (I missed A&P and Psychology, where our cadaver’s brain was hanging out today for shock value). So I started packing […]


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Last night I had a series of weird dreams, parts of which left my skin crawling and hurled me right out of bed and into church! There was a part where I was with a boyfriend, not the one who haunts my dreams still but the dirtball guy whom I’ve never seen in my dreams, […]

Lame reasons to miss Mass

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It’s Christmas Eve and I have NO DESIRE to go to Mass! None! At 4pm we have our choice of a children’s choir. They are cute but they are not so good that I will volunteer to sit through it in pews packing us in tight like sardines. The other choice at the same time […]