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On the first day of Advent…

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I really like my church. This morning we arrived with our Gingerbread Project gifts to hand off to the little elves of the religious education classes who handed them off to one of the small community ministries who will now wrap and deliver thousands of presents to those in need of a bit of Christmas […]

Sermons and shopping

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I haven’t written about going to church lately so stop reading now if you’re a full-time heathen. We (meaning me and the kids) go to the 9:15 Mass that is most often officiated by Father Italy. He was ordained about 3 years ago and really is from Italy. He sounds like Latka and come to […]

Blessed immersion

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I took the kids to church this morning a bit late and it was a packed house, literally standing room only. Not because the pious were drawn out, but because the Broncos have an early game today. Anyway, we stood behind the pews near the door and my sister-in-law showed up later than we did […]