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A fine Sunday it was

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My list is coming along nicely with my printer whirring along all of my billing statements. Wow is there a lot of money due to come in. If every client had the means to pay off their bill, I’d be living large. Or at least my debts would be paid off. Okay they wouldn’t be […]

Things heard on Easter…

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“I was taken aback when I heard him say, ‘It is a glorious day. He is risen.’ He doesn’t strike me as a holy roller.” – My dad referring to his parish priest following morning Mass. “Dude, you could go to Romania and get any chick you wanted.” – Brother-in-law to our friend, B. “Dude, […]

I’ve become my mother.

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Yep, it’s true. I dropped my kids off for afternoon catechism class and dashed home to run errands while they were there. I ran inside and the phone was ringing. Daughter #1 said, “Um Mom? We don’t have class today.” The secretary refused to put them to work, something about being a social injustice and […]