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Putting the brakes on.

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I’ve been on a tear since graduating from direct-entry midwifery school to get into nursing school so I could get into a grad program and rule the world become a nurse-midwife.  This meant I had to redo a lot of classes in community college I’d already done for the vocational college.  So since August, 2006 […]

You don’t ask, I won’t tell.

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A client once came to me late in care and left me about two months later.  She left the first practice because it was hospital-based and she wanted a home birth.  She left the next practice because they rushed her through and didn’t answer her questions.  She left me because I answered them all.  Or […]


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Tonight I had a pharmacology test.  I hadn’t listened to the lectures for the remaining unit that was started last week while I was at a birth, so I did that today after I finished the homework (that required a visit to the school library) and picking up Scantron sheets from the bookstore.  The lesson […]