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Pin cushion

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Monday I had a physical for nursing school.  My vitals were good.  Heart, lungs, and belly sounds good.  No tumors noted (phew!).  Eyesight 20/20.  Then came the part where you perform for the nurse practitioner.  She observed my gait to make sure I could walk.  Then she asked me to bend over and reach for […]

5 Years

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Today marks the five year anniversary of my friend’s death six weeks after having her baby.  It’s crazy to think she has 10- and  5- year old daughters and is not here to see them grow up.  I’m sure her older daughter’s heart aches for her mom and the little one has no idea what […]


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The three clients I saw today have birthdates that of March 5, 6, and 7.  Mine is the 4th.  And without realizing that I saw them in birth order.  How weird is that?