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I attended two births in one day, almost exactly 12 hours apart.  One was due last month, one was due this month.  One boy, one girl.  One woman surrounded by family, the other with only her husband.  One noisy, the other quiet.  One totally uncomplicated, the other almost completely complicated.  One born in the water, […]

Busy day on the job

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I had one lunch time water baby born and while doing the clean up from that one, the next woman due called in labor.  I’m laying low… was supposed to have date night with my husband at my hair stylist’s birthday party (he is her personal trainer).  He went alone and I’m trying to outscore […]

I thought growing up in a Los Angeles suburb as the daughter of a city cop and with job experiences working downtown and at LAX I had some “worldly” experience (I’m not going to italicize that because I want you to do air quotes while you read it).  After spending all morning between three colleges, […]