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I didn’t get to sleep at all

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Last night I tossed and turned, stressing about how I was going to get everything the nursing program wants me to have by the deadline they don’t want it on that is mandatory that I don’t miss.  Or get kicked out of school. In my state of insomnia I sifted through all my school files […]

Nursing School Orientation

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When I went to the mandatory nursing school orientation back in May as an alternate, I sat praying that some fool would forget to show up and lose his or her spot in the Fall class so that I might get in.  Only two fools did so and I was back in limbo until the […]

I always say this…

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…but I haven’t given up on the blog.  I’ve just become this insane text message, Facebook, and Blackberry addict who has little time for anything else except work, family, and social networking. When last you read my inane ramblings, I was prepped to start two psychology classes, a physical geography class, and begging my way […]