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This weather and all of it’s airborne junk SUCKS!! My eyes have been a weeping mess for about two weeks.  There occasionally a sneeze thrown in but its mainly blurry, swollen, red eyes.  Mostly the left (which to you looks like the right because I’m too lazy to flip a Photobooth pic.)  Happy summer!


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Last Thursday I went in for plastic surgery to have my cancer spot and moles removed.  It was as pleasant an experience as one might expect from an upscale surgery center in the cosmetic capital of the world. After I checked in and paid $500 for the use of the center for a couple of […]

Surgery tomorrow!

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At some point tomorrow I will be having surgery to remove the moles before they turn into melanoma and the basal cell carcinoma before it gets uglier than it is.  There is some issue with a nurse who is needed to assist another surgery and for some reason this is affecting my nurseless procedure as […]