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I misunderstood…

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I took my oldest daughter in for a mole check today since she is covered in them.  When the dermatologist walked in she was so happy to see me and wanted to know when I’d be getting into the plastic surgeon to have the cancer and the two moles removed.  I told her my appointment […]

Good news, bad news

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The good news is the last two biopsies removed were nothing but ugly moles, not cancer. But since they didn’t remove all of the ugliness (only enough to biopsy), I need to get the rest of them removed. Blarg.  They need to invent a way to detect cancer without cutting things off bodies and screwing […]

Skin Cancer

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This is a picture of the cancer I have on my chest. Right where v-necks apex. Where scoop necks scoop. Where the 18-inch strand of pearls I received for my birthday hang elegantly. For two years I brushed it off as some wacky zit that just would not take no for an answer.  That didn’t […]