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It’s my birthday!

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I’m 40 today!  It’s like those milestones when I was 16, 18, and 21… figured something big would happen, like I’d be transformed into a gazillionaire, a princess, or a movie star but as it turns out, I’m me just another year older.  It’s going well so far!

Vanity Update

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Yesterday I went to the local “natural foods” store to pick up some herbs that would help me filter out whatever this is in my system that is exiting through my face.  Teas with milk thistle and dandelion, a nettles tincture, and a milk thistle/dandelion capsule.  The night before I broke down and bought a […]

I could be dying. I’m not sure.

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Here’s how it goes with me every month pretty much in this order for the last 23 years: Small but manageable solo zit appears near my nose or by jawline/lips. Lower backache. Loose bowels for a day. Period arrives. Here’s what I do every month: GAH!  Another zit?!  I wonder what I ate?  Did I […]